Does an ICD have audible tones?

Your heart device may make a beeping tone if it is equipped with a certain type of monitoring system, such as Medtronic CareAlert(TM), and your doctor has enabled it. The beeping tone lets you know that something needs attention from your doctor. For example, the device can make a beeping tone when the number of therapies you have received has increased or when the battery power of your heart device is low. If your heart device detects one of these conditions, it makes a beeping tone for up to 30 seconds at least once a day. The alert continues until your doctor or nurse checks your heart device. The beeping tone is designed to get your attention, not to alarm you. If you hear beeping tones from your heart device, call your doctor for instructions. Your heart device may make a steady tone if you are close to a strong magnetic field, such as the field generated by a store’s anti-theft system. This tone warns you to move away from the magnetic field.